Seminar ID: 2020-CPD-001

Seminar Name: Spousal Sponsorship, Refusal, and Appeal: Inside and Outside of Canada


Date and time: Friday, February 28, 2020, from 9:15 am to 1:35 pm

Venue: 10255 Yonge Street, Unit 207, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C3B2

Attendance: In Person

Language: English

Capacity: 10 Persons

CPD Hours: 4 CPD


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Although preparing a sponsorship application appears to be easy among different classes of immigration, it can nonetheless become a catastrophic task if details are ignored and not correctly explained. Learning the key factors involved in the preparation of these applications will ensure the success of the application in less time and with minimum stress. Building a sound understanding of specific requirements and putting in place specific checkpoints before submission will avoid unnecessary delays in the processing of spousal sponsorship applications, both in-land and overseas.



·         Review of differences between an in-land application and an overseas application

10 minutes

·         Review of eligibility of the sponsor and the applicant (criminal charges, default, etc.)

20 minutes

·         Review of the requirements for an in-land application and an overseas application

30 minutes


10 minutes

·         Review of the submission process and what to expect for each step of the process

20 minutes

·         Review of the process after a decision is made on the application

20 minutes

·         Review of possible pitfalls, how to avoid them before the submission of an application

20 minutes

·         Review of how to avoid major mistakes: i.e., maintaining relationship and …  

20 minutes


10 minutes

·         Review of rights and benefits compared to other permanent residents and financial/legal responsibilities as well as the status of the sponsored individuals 

20 minutes

·         Review of different scenarios in cases of breakups, death of a sponsor, etc.

20 minutes

·         Review of the appeal process (appeal or re-submission, when and how)

30 minutes

·         Question and Answer and real case review                     

30 minutes



Layla Forouhar

Layla is the owner and operator of Paradise Immigration & Investment Services Inc. (“PIIS”)

PIIS is a full-service international immigration consulting firm specializing in Canada Immigration, providing resources and aid with Canadian immigration, as well as providing business consulting services. Layla holds a bachelor’s degree and is a member of ICCRC. Layla has assisted many clients with different immigration programs such as business, sponsorship, visitor, and student visas.




- Review of differences between an in-land application and an overseas application

- Married vs Common-Law

- Eligible Sponsors 

- Ineligible sponsors and how to overcome/resolve ineligibilities: financial debts, previous undertakings, etc.

- Putting together the sponsorship application and what information/documents are mandatory and experienced suggestions for documents to include to make the officer's job easier for in-land and overseas applications 




- Different stages of processing in a sponsorship application: First stage approval, additional documents, responding to the officer’s concerns, the second stage of processing, possible interview, medical, background checks, the final decision 

- What to do if the principal applicant is invited for an interview

- Proof of maintaining relationship; should sponsor attend the interview (acknowledge the travel and presence) 

- What to do if the sponsor and main applicant call it quits? Should you report immediately, Wait time to report a breakup? 




Refusal and what to do when the application is refused: 

- The appeal process and how best to respond to the visa office decision

- Writing a disclosure to address the concerns

- Is it recommended to have a witness (who can be a witness, preparing the witness) 

- Ethical consideration if you find out the marriage is not genuine?