Seminar ID: 2019-CPD-001

Seminar Name: Temporary Resident Visa: Work, Study, Visitors 


Date and time: Friday, January 25, 2019, from 9:30 to 1:30

Venue: 10255 Yonge Street, Unit 204, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C3B2

Attendance: In Person

Language: English

Capacity: 10 Persons

CPD Hours: 4 CPD

Regular Fees: $80.00 CAD



During this CPD attendees will have the opportunity to explore and analyze the different types of visa, permits, rules, requirements and applications for temporary resident visas.



- Review of different types of work permit such as:

Business visitors (and other work visa without a Work Permit) = 20 minutes

Common LMIA exemptions (spousal work permits, open work permits, post-graduate work permit, bridge work permit) = 15 minutes

In Canada Work-Permits, Restoration, Changing Conditions, Changing Status, Electronic Portal = 20 minutes

Question and Answer Period = 15 minutes

- Review of different types of Study Permit such as:

Students and work permits, study without a study permit = 20 minutes 
Spousal study permit, study permit for visitors = 15 minutes

Renewal, Restoration, Changing Status from within Canada = 15 minutes

International Student Program, options after graduation = 15 minutes

Question and Answer Period = 15 minutes

- Review of visitor visa and visitor permit, change condition, extend status = 20 minutes

- Review of supervisa requirements and how it is different from a visitor visa = 15 minutes

- Review of Electronic Travel Authorizations and how it is different from a visitor visa = 10 minutes

- Review of inadmissibility and overstay, dual intent applicants, implied status = 30 minutes

Question and Answer Period = 15 minutes


Presenter: Niloofar Bagherzadeh



Niloofar is a Full member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. Niloofar is a successful immigration consultant with over 15 years of experience. She specializes in many immigration programs including temporary resident visa.